Meet the Banshee V2 . Faster and Lighter Than Ever.

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Simple and Robust

The Banshee's simplistic design means there are less things that get in your way. Anchored cables, silicone sheathed wire, waterproofed cable faucets... you couldn't break the Banshee if you tried.

Perfect for Commuters

Experience the true freedom of having a lightweight board that is unmatched in the industry. The Unibody Carbon Fiber construction makes a lightweight board that is easy to hold, and painless to carry over long distances.

More Power Than You Think

The Banshee is equipped with dual hub motors capable of pulsing 1600W of power. Perfect for bombing up steep hills at a rapid pace.

We Look After Our Customers

Accidents and failures happen... we can't prevent it all. That's why every board sold comes with 1 year warranty. Even if something fails, we have your back.

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Chat with us
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