• How Long is the Warranty ?

    The Warranty on all our Products is 90 Days starting From the day the board arrives at your place

  • Are you Shipping right now ?

    YES!!  You will receive your board anywhere from 8 to 20 days depending on the shipping option you select at check out.

  • What couriers do you use for shipping?

    For the US , we Find that Fedex Air is the fastest courier around and deilviers the board in a timely manner. also most of our customers are quite familiar with Fedex so tracking the shipment is easy enough.

    For EU, We primarily use DHL because their network is quite extensive in EU and they can move the boards around to almost anywhere in EU within a few days.

    For CA, Depends on the time, not many couriers have planes going out to CA that support cargo with Lithium batteries , So whichever we'll find available will be used.

    For AU, We have a partnership with the local post office which enables deliveries as quick as 6 days.

  • Is There any VAT on boards Purchased from Predator?

    No, We Greatly value the Customer experience and we make it a Point for the price you pay at the checkout to be the one and only time you pay for the board to show up at your place. We take care of all additional and any hidden charges.

  • Do i have to pay import customs when i receive the board?

    No, we take care of all sorts of import customs and anything else that might come up in the shipping process. This especially includes EU import taxes.

  • What Kind of motors does the Banshee use?

    The Banshee Uses Full metal Dual HUB motors Coated with top Quality PU (polyurethane). The general failure rate is under 0.2% . These motors are rugged and require no maintenance what so ever.

  • How long does the PU last?

    The PU we use for the Banshee is multilayered with a complex composition that allows it to remain in tact for extended periods even after being roughed up. The life expectancy varies depending on the usage. riding on well paved roads guarantees you somewhere in the neighborhood of a year before you'd need to change the motors.

  • Can i change the motors after the PU wears down?

    Yes, Simply unplug the 9-pin connector that's fastened near the trucks. and un-screw the motor from the truck. Replace with a new motor

    (the process takes about 2 minutes , zero technical skills needed)

  • Does the motors make any noise ?

    No, The HUB motors are stable and compact as well as very efficient in power consumption and the PU is very durable which makes it fairly silent when you're cruising around

  • Is the Banshee water Proof ?

    Yes, we've taken every precaution possible to ensure water never enters the body of the banshee. Because the board is a uni-body and completely sealed off, the only entrance points to the boards are the motor connectors going inside it. and those are sealed with military grade PG7 isolators.

    So unless you dunk the board in a pool , its waterproof.

  • How long does it take to charge from 0% to 100% ?

    The banshee comes with a 2A charger that charges the battery completely in about 3 hours.

    However you can opt-in for the 3A charger that charges the battery completely in about 2 hours.

  • what's the max speed of the Banshee?

    The Banshee has a Top speed of 25 MPH or 40 kmh, with Smooth Acceleration and gradual but firm brakes to ensure a comforting ride

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