Predator 30Q Battery

Predator’s original battery fully complied and ready to be plugged.


  • Authentic Korean Samsung batteries.
  • 20 cells
  • High Discharge BMS with 25A working current and 70A peak
  • 6000 mAh (216WH) 
  • Discharging 8C of constant power
  • 10s2p Configuration
  • Avg. range of 16 miles.


  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Details:

    Predator’s Prime battery of choice. This is the very same battery that powers our very own Banshee board.

    Choosing a proper battery for an Esk8 is the “Make it or Break it” factor.  even if your motors can support high speeds and inclines, a poor choice of battery will very much kill your performance entirely.

    We build our batteries from the most premium commercially available batteries in the market. the Samsung 30Q. but with so many counterfeits and fakes in the market. we choose to import our batteries straight off a Samsung battery manufacturing plant in Korea right after they’re out of the testing phase.

    Combined with our exclusive BMS (Battery Management System) that is built with the sole purpose of extracting the maximum performance out of this battery possible. no matter how big the hill you’re trying to climb, the BMS will force the battery to dish out as much as energy as your motors need for the climb.

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